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Blu Spa believes that perfect spa experiences are reached through the creation of a wellbeing and a harmonious wellness atmosphere.

Taking as starting point the benefits of marine biotechnology cosmetics, BluSpa offers the combination of the best therapists and experiences with active marine products to satisfy the deep relaxations needs, as well as a variety of facial and body treatments.

Blu Spa Jupiter is located in Jupiter Lisbon Hotel, and offers a modern water circuit with relaxation area, steam room, sauna and four treatment rooms – one of them couple suite.

Let evaporate the stress of everyday life, relax and enjoy recovering your energies at the Blu Spa in the center of Lisbon!

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Know our treatments

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Our Rituals

Blu Moon 55 min – 160,00€

An exclusive couples massage inspired by the therapeutic method (lomi lomi) of the ancient cultures of hawai. It is the perfect combination of energy work and deep relaxation. Proves to be a sensory and holistic journey, to share with your beloved one.

Deep Blu 55 min 75,00€

A deep relaxing massage that combines relaxing serums to areas with most muscle tension and draining to the lower limbs. Benefits of the sea water combined to provide a sublime state of relaxation.

Blu Holistic 55/ 90 min 70,00€/ 90,00€

A perfect combination of light strokes, pressure and stretching in a body massage that uses thai-inspired sea boluses to eliminate tension knots one by one.
Option: with marine scrub.

Blu Cocoon 55 min 88,00€

An exclusive couples massage inspired by the therapeutic method (lomi lomi) of the ancient cultures of hawai. It is the perfect combination of energy work and deep relaxation. Proves to be a sensory and holistic journey, to share with your beloved one.



Oligomer® spa 90 min 99,00€

An holistic journey to the marine dna. Deeply relaxing and re-energizing, this treatment combines an exfoliation and an amazing massage, with oligomer.

Hot & Cold Stone Massage 70 min  85,00€

A holistic massage using volcanic hot stones, that promotes an extraordinary feeling of well-being and deep relaxation. The ritual ends with a cold stone face massage for an energetic contrast effect and lifting.

Mother-to-be 70 min  85,00€

Carefully designed for pregnant and nursing mothers, uses safe relaxation techniques to help relieve backache. Lymphatic drainage techniques are used to relieve fluid retention and weight of your legs. 100% safe for the 9 months of pregnancy

Relax Massage 45/ 90 min  60,00€/ 90,00€

A unique anti-stress massage with relaxing essential oils. Relax and enjoy a 100% moment of pure relaxation. Body, mind and spirit in total balance.

Ayurvedic 55 min  75,00€

Massage deriving from traditional indian medicine that stimulates the muscles and blood circulation, liberating toxins. It provides greater flexibility to the body and increases the mobility of joints.

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Body Treatments

Sea Salt Scrub 30 min  38,00€ 

An exfoliation with sea salt crystals ending with a massage with a highly moisturizing cream for smooth and silky skin.

Leg Revival 30 min  45,00€

A treatment with the benefits of mint and gotu kola targeted to decongest and activate blood microcirculation. Ideal to comfort and relieve tired legs.

Detox Back Massage 30 min  45,00€

Detoxifying and relaxing , this treatment includes exfoliation, relaxing massage and the application of a natural heating clay enriched with luminaria digitata and oligomer.

Marine Cocoon 55 min  67,00€

A gentle exfoliation with a marine sponge, followed by an involvement in marine clay to provide a true osmotic therapy.
Option: slim or detox.

Draining & Toning 30/ 55 min 38,00€/ 67,00€

A draining and toning massage with green tea and b12 vitamin, eliminates toxins, slims and tones the body.

Cool Down Treatment 70 min 88,00€

Body wrap in a refreshing gel, rich in essential oils of lavender and sandalwood for refreshed, moisturized and regenerated skin, damaged by the sun.

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Our Facials

Oxygen Hyalu-lift 70 min  85,00€

A fantastic combination of hyaluronic acid with active oxygen for a firm and toned skin! The results are clinically proven to reduce deep wrinkles, increase elasticity, firmness and smoothness of the skin.

Oxygen Anti-ageing 70 min 80,00€

Regenerating facial ritual that combines the most advanced oxygen formula and vitamin a with an effective and smooth action of the fruit enzymes(orange, tangerine, grapefruit and grapes). Hydrated and vitamin enriched skin visibly renewed.

Oxygen Deep Cleansing 70 min 80,00€

The most complete deep cleansing facial ritual, that combines the extraction of impurities, the oxygenation and detoxifying of any skin type. For a light, toned and cleansed skin.

Oxygen Purifying 70 min 80,00€

Targeting skin’s problems such as acne, this ritual ensures efficiency without equal. This treatment deeply cleanses and detoxifies the skin relieving it from impurities and bacteria, rebalancing the natural oil production. The skin recovers its capacity of cellular oxygenation.

Oxygen Chocolate 70 min 75,00€

Combining the chocolate antioxidants and oxygen properties, the skin is nourished with vitamins and minerals with exceptional results in terms of skin hydration and cell rejuvenation.

Quick & Beautiful 45 min 45,00€

Ideal to quickly restore brightness, elasticity and Oxygenation to the most tired and damaged skin. Using facial pressure point techniques and a Serious combination of essential oil of rose, Glycolic acid and oxygen.

blue_0000s_0000s_0001_DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE

Special Men

Men Anti-ageing Ritual 70 min – 80,00€

Specific facial ritual for mens skin, with the most advanced anti-ageing worldwide patent formula by karin herzog, the oxygen therapy and vitamin a. For A firmer, uplifted and more youthful looking appearance.

Men Purifying Oxygen Ritual 70 min 75,00€

Excellent to fight the aggressions the male skin suffers everyday, this ritual has purifying and soothing properties that cleans and hydrates the young, sensitive or oily skin.

Deep Tissue Massage 30/ 55 min 50,00€/ 73,00€

A deep tissue massage conceived to relieve specific stress and muscle tension, combined with essential oils and Tailored tecnics to suit the clients individual needs.

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What our clients say about us

“A morning well spent in a tranquil place, with a massage and a swim in the pool. Thank you to the therapist Sofia for the excellent work, no doubt an experience to be repeated.”

Filipa Martins

BluSpa Jupiter Lisboa

“A calm and relaxing space. A pleasant water circuit. The facial massage was tranquilizing, and I leave a special thank you to Sónia and Sofia for their professional excellence.”

Nuno Lopes

BluSpa Jupiter Lisboa

“Excellent Spa with water circuit. A professional team. The ritual with therapist Marisa was very relaxing. I recommend it.”

Liliana Narciso

BluSpa Jupiter Lisboa

Jupiter Lisboa Hotel
+351 210 730 103

Av. da República 46
1050-195, Lisboa


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