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Mandalay Spa brand takes its name from the last royal capital of Burma and its philosophy derives from South Asian therapies with treatments inspired by the Indian and Thai medicine.

The treatments are inspired in Thai royalty healing traditions and Indian Ayurveda medicine, recognized as the most ancient Indian remedy. Mandalay Spa represents a wide range of prestigious international brands, namely – SUNDÃRI, Ytsara, The Refinery London (special for men) and Linda Meredith Skincare, known by its advanced cosmetics and by its legendary facial treatments that amazed Hollywood celebrities.

Combining traditional remedies with the therapeutic touch, Mandalay Spa provides authentic experiences to relax, elevate the spirit and reach emotional equilibrium.

Mandalay Spa is situated in Hotel Dolce Campo Real Resort, in Torres Vedras. The water circuit includes Jacuzzi and sauna with an outdoor view of the country side, a medicinal herbs steam room, relaxation area, seven treatments rooms – two of them couple suite – and a hair salon.

In 2017 the Mandalay Spa won the “Best Luxury Emerging Spa’’ and in 2018 “Best Luxury Resort Spa”,  for the World Luxury Spa Awards.

Currently you can find the Mandalay Spa in Lisbon, Torres Vedras, Óbidos and briefly in Porto.

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Dolce CampoReal Lisboa

Mandalay Spa CampoReal is situated in Hotel Dolce CampoReal Resort, in Torres Vedras, surrounded by magnificent landscapes and green fields. Take a time for yourself and enjoy all the wellness areas: 7 treatments rooms – 2 of them couple suite, relaxation area, gymnasium, jacuzzi, a medicinal herbs steam room, Turkish bath, tea room and indoor and outdoor swimming pool.

In 2017 the Mandalay Spa won the “Best Luxury Emerging Spa’’ and in 2018 “Best Luxury Resort Spa”, for the World Luxury Spa Awards.

Hotel PortoBay Liberdade

In the center of Lisbon, a stone´s throw from famous Avenida da Liberdade, you will find the Mandalay Spa Liberdade, inserted in the Hotel PortoBay Liberdade. Enjoy an oasis of serenity. With deeply personalized spa experiences in over 700 square meters of well-being that include, 4 treatment rooms – 2 of them double suites, relaxation area, gymnasium, vitality swimming pool, amethyst steam room, sauna and relaxation room overlooking the garden.

For three consecutive years it was one of the spas distinguished at “World Luxury Spa Awards”. In 2016 won “Best Luxury Emerging Spa”, and in 2017 and 2018, it was distinguished in the category of “Best Luxury Hotel Spa” in Portugal.

Royal Óbidos Spa & Golf Resort

Mandalay Spa Óbidos is located in the beautiful Evolutee Hotel, in Royal Óbidos, which offers amazing views of the golf course and the Atlantic Ocean. The perfect place to breath clean and pure ai rand enjoy all the wellness areas: 5 treatments rooms – 2 of them couple suite, 1 vichy shower, relaxation area, pilates room, gymnasium, sauna, Turkish bath and dynamic swimming pool with whirlpool.


Promoções e condições especiais

Aproveite e venha conhecer as nossas promoções semanais, todos os dias da semana temos um ritual Mandalay Spa com 20% de desconto!
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Sabia que se pode tornar sócio do spa? Para além do acesso diário ao circuito de águas, ao fazer parte da nossa membership poderá usufruir de um conjunto de vantagens e promoções exclusivas, com a possibilidade de realizar massagens semanais a partir de 50€/hora.
Saiba todas as condições especiais aqui: Mandalay Spa CampoReal  |  Mandalay Spa Liberdade  |  Mandalay Spa Royal Óbidos

Know our treatments

_0000s_0000s_0000_HEALING EXPERIENCE

Exclusive Treatments

Healing Experience 85/ 115 min – 125,00€/ 160,00€

Restore and find the balance of your body and mind. Inspired on the benefits of Neem, India’s “pharmacy tree,” the ritual blends therapeutic techniques and aromatic herbs to release negative energy. Includes a foot ritual, full-body exfoliation, a bath or Body Wrap with a scalp massage and an Abhyanga massage (30/ 55 min.) with a therapeutic oil.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Exotic Coconut Ritual 115 min 140,00€

Indulge with the amazing benefits of coconut. The ritual begins with an invigorating body polish using coconut scrub to cleanse the skin. A bespoke massage will follow, where a variety of techniques is applied to suit your body needs. A conditioning hair wrap is included to perfect this ritual.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Honey Moon 85 min 250,00€

The perfect combination for a couples delight. Combining a Hawaiian massage, inspired by the centenary therapeutic method Lomi Lomi of the ancient Polynesian cultures of Hawaii, with an hydration express facial.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

mandalay_0004s_0003s_0005_RITUAL SHIRODHARA

A Taste Of India

Abhyanga Massage  55/ 85 min 90,00€/ 140,00€

Profound relaxation—using Abhyanga, or literally, “oil massage.” This rhythmic and deeply relaxing massage rejuvenates by clearing stagnant energy using warm oils and varying amounts of pressure with a focus on restoring the flow of “prana,” the life force that stimulates your body’s vital energy.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Shirodhara Ritual 55 min 110,00€

Shirodhara is a powerful and peaceful experience—based on Ayurvedic healing therapy in use for thousands of years. The therapist directs a warm stream of oil onto the forehead into the hair and scalp, then perform an ayurvedic scalp massage and a facial marmassage. Includes an abhyanga back massage to a deep relaxation.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Ayurvedic Massage 55 min 100,00€

Ayurveda, the ancient science of healing body, mind and soul. This massage invites you to take a step into the knowledge of the Vedas and embrace your bodies natural healing powers. Performed in a tatami on the floor combines vigorous massage to stimulate the flow of energy and liberates toxins and stiffness. It provides greater flexibility to the body and increases the mobility of joints. Specific oil to Vata, Kapha or Pitta Dosha.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Ofuro Bath 55 min 80,00€

Mimicking the traditional Japanese bathing ritual, this experience starts with a shower and is followed by salt and oil scrub. Then the guest is invited to a plunge milky essential oil rich, warm bath. Treatment ends with the application of a hydrating Aloé Vera cream.

Reserve: Camporeal / Óbidos

Kansa Full Body Massage 55 / 80 min 100,00€ / 130,00€

This unique massage uses a Kansa wand made of sacred bronze recognized in India as a healing metal. It warms as it is massaged on the skin creating many benefits, such as stress relieve, increase energy, improves blood and lymph circulation. It includes a facial massage to relax the facial muscles and alleviate tensions.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

mandalay_0002s_0000_ULTIMATE DEEP PRESSURE

A Taste Of Thailand

Ultimate Deep Pressure 85 min 150,00€

Relieve stiff and sore muscles with a deep muscular treatment that combines steamed therapeutic herbs with a rare essential oil found only on two remote islands in the Pacific Ocean. The ancient ‘Tok Sen’ technique is used specifically on the back allowing vibrations to work deep in the muscles. Performed by advanced therapists.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Siam Healing Ritual  45 min 70,00€

A millennium-old massage tradition using the ‘Tok Sen’ tool, spreads energizing vibrations into meridian lines and muscles. Gentle heat from a poultice of Lemongrass and Ginger allows circulation to flow more freely and helps to prevent fatigue and tension. Performed by advanced therapists.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Tranquil Journey  55/ 85 min 95,00€/ 140,00€

Slow, deep movements work in tune with your breathing whilst a warm and calming, herbal poultice melts away tension. Everything around you slows down. Your mind and body reconnect.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Prana Vital Energy 55 min 95,00€

The perfect massage to start your day. A combination of energizing massage techniques and a heated poultice, work with Ytsara’s Vital Energy Body Oil to inspire self-connection and renewal. The mind and body are uplifted and energized.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos


Spa Body Treatments

Sacred Lotus Cellulite Treatment 55 min85,00€

Our anti-cellulite treatment begins with a localized body polish to smooth the skin. A green tea body wrap will follow as  foot massage is performed to encourage the elimination of toxins. An anti-cellulite massage will continue to activate the circulation. The treatment concludes with a Sacred Lotus oil application that has a high impact on fighting build up cellulite. Option: only the anti-cellulite massage

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Himalayan Detox Treatment 80 min 95,00€

Due to its natural antibacterial properties, Himalayan Salt helps to detoxify and purify the body. The treatment starts with an Himalayan salt scrub and wrap to cleanse and encourage the body to detoxify. A scalp massage will be performed and a detox body oil will then be massaged into the skin to help eliminate toxins and boost circulation.Option: only the detox massage

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Gotu Kola Contouring 80 min 95,00€

Gotu kola has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, preventing damage to the skin tissue process. The ritual includes a body polish and wrap, a contouring body massage with cold stones and Gotu Kola ayurvedic oil application. This anti-aging body repair treatment is ideal for a slimmer figure and a more defined shape. Option: only the contouring massage

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Draining & Toning 30/55 min 60,00€/95,00€

A draining & toning massage with green tea and vitamin B12 to increase lymph flow and tone the body. Excellent to ease swollen legs and fluid retention. Ideal for muscular toning and getting your figure back.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

mandalay_0002s_0000_HAUTE COUTURE

Facials By Linda Meredith

Haute Couture 55/70 min – 130,00€ / 150,00€

Haute Couture meaning individually designed for each client. A deep cleansing is carried out by a senior therapist, which will assess any skin problem and adapt the treatment to the specific needs of the face and neck. This luxurious facial includes extraction, will regenerate, firm and smooth fine lines, while feeding the skin with encapsulated vitamins and essential nutrients to a fresh and flawless look. Optional extraction.

Reserve: Liberdade

Collagen Boost 30 min  65,00€

Collagen is essential to skin regeneration. A refreshing experience with a fine sheet impregnated with freeze dried collagen is moistened into the contours of the face and deeply delivered to the lower layers.
Available as add-on to Haute-couture Facial (15min).

Reserve: Liberdade

Hyaluronic Mask 30 min 65,00€

Naturally found in the body, hyaluronic acid secures moisture and creates fullness — the skin is naturally youthful. This powerful treatment plumps fine lines and wrinkles due to increased moisture levels that in turn lift and tighten the skin.
Available as add-on to Haute-couture Facial (15min).

Reserve: Liberdade

Facial V-tox 30 min  65,00€

The alternative to BOTOX! The V-TOX uses algae derivatives to relax the skin. This natural alternative solution uses the added benefit of a botanical cream designed specifically to relax and soften fine lines and wrinkled areas. Available as add-on to Haute-couture Facial (15min).

Reserve: Liberdade

Limpeza De Pele Com Oxigénio 1

Other Facials

The Sundãri Healing Facial 55 min 95,00€

Enjoying the benefits of Neem, known in India as the “pharmacy tree” this facial is ideal for any skin type. Organic active ingredients are custom-blended, based on a personal dosha assessment. The selected oils will heal, hydrate and firm the skin. The facial will include our signature marmassagem that includes steady and circular pressure points to improve lymphatic circulation, and a scalp massage.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Facial Hyalu-Lifto 70 min 115,00€

A fantastic combination of hyaluronic acid with active oxygen for a firm and toned skin! The results are clinically proven to reduce deep wrinkles, increase elasticity, firmness and smoothness of the skin.

Reserve: Camporeal / Óbidos

Purifying Facial 70 min  90,00€

Targeting skin problems such as acne, this ritual ensures efficiency with no equal. This treatment deeply cleanses and detoxifies the skin relieving it of impurities and bacteria, rebalancing its oil production.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Deep Cleasing Facial 85 min  95,00€

The most complete deep cleansing facial ritual, that combines the extraction of impurities, the oxygenation and detoxification of any skin type. For a luminous, toned and cleansed skin.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Facial Regenerating 55 min 80,00€

Using fresh and natural fruit enzymes and extracts, this facial resurfaces the skin, accelerates cell regeneration and creates a more balanced skin tone. 3% oxygen will be directly applied on localized areas to help reduce hyperpigmentation, acne marks, fine lines and minimise open pores.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Beautiful Eyes 30 min 40,00€

Hydrate and firm delicate eye areas with this luxurious treatment. Signature massage techniques gently apply an anti-ageing formula by Sundãri —to soothe, hydrate and release stress.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

 Intensive Healing Facial 55 min 95,00€
Inspired by the benefits of Neem, India’s “pharmacy tree,” the ritual blends therapeutic techniques and aromatic herbs to release negative energy.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

blue_0000s_0000s_0000_MEN PURIFYING OXYGEN FACIAL

Special Of The Refinery

Ultimate Face And Body Treatment 85 min 140,00€

Begin your experience with a refreshing back cleansing and exfoliation. Continue on with an anti-stress ayurvedic back and scalp massage that will relieve muscular pains. Then enjoy a facial treatment using an exotic mixture of the best essential and natural vegetable oils exclusive to the refinery range. The result is a soft, regenerated and rebalanced skin.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Revitalizing Facial 55 min  90,00€

Complete facial with active and potent ingredients that stimulates the skin at the deepest level. The facial muscles are toned and the skin comes to life, moisturised, with fine lines and wrinkles smoothed away. Includes a massage using pressure points is done in the cleavage, neck and shoulder areas to promote relaxation.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Facial Essencial 55 / 70 min  80,00€ / 90,00€

When time is short and you need to be at your best, then this ritual is ideal. Deep skin cleansing, exfoliation and mask with moisturising and detoxifying properties. For a clean and glowing skin.
Option: With extraction.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

blue_0000s_0000s_0001_DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE

Golf Specials

Warm Up Chair Massage 15 min 25,00€

A pre-game massage in a “shiatsu chair”, To warm up the muscles and ensure comfort and flexibility, improving your chances of greater swings and reducing pain during the round.

Reserve: Camporeal / Óbidos

Sports Massage 55/ 85 min  95,00€/ 130,00€

A deep tissue massage to rid muscles of tension and stiffness, will increase circulation, mobility and encourage muscle recovery, in areas such as the lower back, shoulders, knees, and other commonly-injured areas. The general reduction of stress and fatigue, will improve overall health and lessening the chances of injury and soreness between matches.

Reserve: Camporeal / Óbidos

Soothing Steps 45 min  70,00€

A treatment helping to soothe heavy painful legs using a contrast of hot and cold to stimulate blood circulation. A warm poultice along with a gentle massage and reflexology points will heal pain and restore lightness to the legs.

Reserve: Camporeal / Óbidos

Back & Shoulders Massage 40 min  70,00€

A back & shoulders massage designed to help release tension from swings, putts and golf cart rides. This localized sport massage and stretches will relieve the areas that have been affected, making it ideal to prepare you for another game day.

Reserve: Camporeal / Óbidos

Mini-facial Sun Cooler 45 min 70,00€

After 4 to 5 hours in average under the sun on the golf course, it is a refreshing way to finish your day and will minimize the sun damage. You will feel pampered and your skin hydrated with Linda Meredith collagen mask.

Reserve: Camporeal / Óbidos

MANDALAY_0004s_0001s_0003_angel bliss

Moms And Babies

Mother-to-be 70 min  105,00€

Carefully designed for pregnant and nursing mothers, uses safe relaxation techniques to help you relief backaches. Lymphatic drainage techniques are used to relieve fluid retention and weight of your legs.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Babymoon Experience 85 min 210,00€

A special treatment to help relax couples before the arrival of their baby. It begins with a foot ritual for both, followed by a mother-to-be massage while a Thai style massage is performed to future dad. At the end, the couple will enjoy a flowering tea ritual together.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Shantala 50 min 75,00€

Working especially the mother/baby relationship (which can also be father/baby). Our therapist will teach the Shantala massage – an ancient Indian massage, defined by its simplicity, enchanting rhythmic movements and positive benefits for babies and children till 6 years old. It relaxes and balances the entire nervous, energetic and emotional system. Brings security and self-esteem to the child, making him feel involved in love.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Angel Bliss 45 min 75,00€

Ideal for restless children, with lack of focus and insomnias. Gentle pressure is applied to the scalp, legs and feet while a grounding oil massage is performed on the back and the arms. This treatment improves children’s quality of sleep, and strengthens the immune system.
Recommended for children aged between 6 and 12 years old.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Mommy & Me 85 min 180,00€

Spa aren’t just for grown-ups! Enjoy each other’s company and spend a special moment together. Hydrating express facial with botanical products, to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize, aromatic foot ritual and healing Thai style massage, for stress relief and of course pampering. Over 10 years old.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

mandalay_0004s_0001s_0002_pernas leves

Spa Express

Revitalizing Or Hydrating Mini-facial 30 min 50,00€

Skin cleansing, exfoliation and mask with oxygenating and moisturising properties.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Crub 4 You 30 min  50,00€

Organic and natural scrubs with essential oils for an energizing or relaxing action.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Energizing Or Relax Exfoliation 30 min  50,00€

Organic and natural scrubs with essential oils for an energizing or relaxing action.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Ayurvedic Scalp Massage 30 min 50,00€

An ancient Indian head massage technique, to relieve tension with a therapeutic oil to expel stress and reintegrate harmony.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Ayurvedic Bath 30 min 50,00€

Hydro-massage bath with ayurvedic soak to detox or relax, giving a sense of wellbeing.

Reserve: Camporeal / Óbidos

Foot & Leg Ritual 30 min 50,00€

A treatment helping to soothe heavy painful, legs with a contrast of hot and cold to stimulate blood circulation.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

MANDALAY_0004s_0001s_0002_experiência babymoon

Day Spa Program

Mandalay Royal – 400,00€

Feel like royal member and completely indulge and immerse in Mandalay Spa philosophy. Experience some of the most relaxing and rejuvenating treatment rituals from southeast Asia.

Your day will include:
Full use of our spa facilities, Welcome drink, Ofuro Bath, Ytsara Siam Healing Ritual, Thai Light meal with Lemon grass infusion, Sundari Dosha Facial, Sundari Shirodhra, Spa manicure and spa pedicure, Royal flowering tea.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Mandalay Stress Free – 300,00€

Relax, unwind and recharge with an exquisite journey taylor made to your needs:

Your day will include:

Full use of our spa facilities, Welcome drink, Choose from the following 85 min treatments, Sundari Abhyanga Massage, Mandalay Healing experience, Ytsara Tranquil Journey Enjoy an indulgent light meal Choose from the following 55 min facial treatments: Oxygen, Purifying;
Refinery Essencial Sundari Shirodhara Ritual.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Mandalay Pampering – 250,00€

A day of self-indulgent treatments to reconnect with your mind and soul and treat your body to some well-deserved pamper time.

Your day will include: 
Full use of spa facilities, Welcome drink, Ytsara exfoliation with himalayan scrub, Sundari body wrap, Sundari ayurvedic scalp massage, Enjoy an indulgent, light meal, Sundari Healing Facial, Flowering Tea to your choice.

Reserve: Camporeal / Liberdade / Óbidos

Mandalay Detox – 250,00€

Get ride of your toxins in the most pamper way.

Your day will include:
Full use of spa facilities, Welcome drink, Sundari Detox Body Brush, Ytsara Prana Vitality, Enjoy an indulgent light meal, Oxygen Deep Cleasing, Facial, Flowering Ginger Tea.


Exclusive Rituals Mandalay Liberdade

Shiatsu 55 / 85 min 100,00€/ 140.00€

A therapy of physical and energetic re-equilibrium from the traditional Japanese medicine. Shiatsu uses fingertip pressure on the muscles, joints and spinal column. It releases tension and stimulates the skin, nervous and circulatory system.

Reserve: Liberdade

Tui Na 55 / 85 min  – 100,00€/  140,00€

Based on the ancient techniques of traditional Chinese medicine, this technique uses acupuncture points to stimulate the circulation of vital energy (Qi). The body finds its Qi balance, through the release or capture of energy.

Reserve: Liberdade 

Osteopathy 55/ 85 min  100,00€/ 140,00€

Osteopathy is a form of complementary medicine emphasizing a holistic approach, manual and physical interventions to prevent and treat diseases. Osteopathic principles teach that treatments of the musculoskeletal system (bones, muscles and joints) causes recover powers of the body.

Reserve: Liberdade

Switch-off 2h 160,00€

This unique ritual is highly effective for inducing states of deep relaxation. It starts with a feet warming ritual, followed by a massage with slow and deep movements, combined with pressure that is carefully aplied to neuromuscular points, to balance the nervous system and relieve an agitated mind. To round off, the treatment room and the bed are prepared with aromatherapy pillows and extra covers, creating optimal conditions for a deserved sleep. After 15 minutes, you will be woken to the sound of tingsha bells.

Reserve: Liberdade

Desktop Recovery 55 min 95,00€

Ideal for those suffering from tension and stiffness as a result of spending long hours working in front of the computer. Deep tissue massage for back, neck & shoulders to relieve muscular pains, combined with stretches to correct posture and improve elasticity. Round off with an ayurvedic massage to the face and scalp which will you feeling at you best for the rest of the day.

Reserve: Liberdade


Exclusive Mandalay Royal Óbidos

A Spa Time For 2 110 min – 420.00€

A perfect retreat for 2. Start your experience in our private steam and sauna facilities. A body polish with omega 3 and a nourishing bath will follow to smooth and hydrate the skin, before an Abhyanga massage that will revitalize. To complete the experience you will be served with floral tea for 2.

Reserve: Óbidos

Ultimate Shower Experience 55 min  – 120,00€

Let yourself submerge in this sensory experience. 2 therapists work together in perfect unison to provide you first, with warm full body exfoliation to deeply cleanse the skin, and later a syncronized body massage while a warm water fall in your body. A soothing and relaxing ritual.

Reserve: Óbidos

Vichy Scrub 45 min  85,00€

A rejuvenating scrub experience, starting with volcanic lava exfoliation to smooth the skin and wash away accumulated tension. A facial cleansing and exfoliation will follow while warm water falls in your body. Skin is left silky and nourished. Excellent to follow with a relaxing massage.

Reserve: Óbidos

Vichy Shower Massage 30 min – 70,00€

Choose from the draining, relaxing or detoxifying effects and get na aromatherapy massage under a Vichy rain shower.

Reserve: Óbidos

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What our clients say about us

“Simply divine! From the moment we enter the spa, till we left, we felt like we were on the best place to relax. I did an ultimate deep pressure with Carolina and I just regret not booking for more time. Excellent work. See you soon.”

Sónia de Castro

Mandalay Spa

“Excellent Spa, where the amazing atmosphere combines perfectly with the quality of therapists. Intense ly recommend it!”

Luis Taborda

Mandalay Spa

“Excelente SPA em que as magníficas se conciliam na perfeição com a qualidade das terapeutas. Recomendo vivamente!”

Luis Taborda

Mandalay Spa

Dolce CampoReal Lisboa
+351 261 960 909
R. do Campo (Campo Real) 2565-770, Torres Vedras

Mandalay Spa Liberdade
+351 210 015 740
R. Rosa Araújo 8, 1250-195, Lisboa

Mandalay Spa Royal Óbidos
+351 262 240 244
Cabeço da Serra, 2510-665, Vau


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