Together for a brighter future.

The commitment of TOPSPA is based on social development and respect for the towards community.

TOPSPA Consultants has actively engaged in several social and humanitarian activities, including volunteer projects and support to institutions that have an important role in communities.


We bring well-being to those who need

An innovated volunteer program in Portugal, developed between TOPSPA Consultants and the Palliative Care Unit of Hospital da Luz, coordinated by Dr. Isabel Galriça Neto.

The aim of the project is to take the Spa to the Hospital and promote well-being to all patients and their families. The therapies and massages performed by TOPSPA contributors are not only for oncology patients, but for other serious neurological diseases such as stroke, chronic organ failure, among others.

The Palliative Care Unit of Hospital da Luz was the first unit in Portugal to be distinguished by the European Society of Medical Oncology as Center of Excellence in Palliative Care and Oncology.

We support CASA SOL

With our social responsibility policy focused on children and on the communities in which they are present, every month TOPSPA gives a charity donation to Casa Sol – Support Association for Children with HIV and their families.

So far, TOPSPA has contributed more than € 25,000 to support this cause.


Designed to help the Laço Association, in 2016 we created the TOPSPA Massage Collection available at all our spas. 5% of its value reverts directly to the Association.


Join our team!

The key to TOPSPA Consultants’ success is, and has always been, the effort and dedication of our team. We seek to bring new talents to the company and consider as our responsibility the continuous improvement of their skills and the management of their careers. If you are looking for a project for your future, join us.


Join our community and learn more about the spa industry.

Levamos o bem-estar a quem mais precisaPrograma de voluntariado inédito em Portugal, desenvolvido entre a TOPSPA Consultants e a Unidade de Cuidados Paliativos do Hospital da Luz, coordenado pela Dra. Isabel Galriça Neto.

O objetivo do voluntariado é levar o Spa ao Hospital da Luz e promover o bem-estar a todos os doentes e seus familiares. As terapias e massagens realizadas pelos colaboradores da TOPSPA, não se destinam apenas a doentes de oncologia, mas a outras doenças neurológicas graves, tais como: AVC’s, insuficiências crónicas de órgão, entre outras.

A Unidade de Cuidados Paliativos do Hospital da Luz foi a primeira unidade em Portugal a ser distinguida pela European Society of Medical Oncology como Center Of Excelence in Palliative Care and Oncology.